35. Do you have scarcity triggers? (relevant for stores with limited stock or limited offers)

When a product or service is limited in availability, then it becomes more attractive to shoppers. When they understand that it’s limited in availability and that others also desire it, it creates a fear of missing out, which in turn persuades the shoppers to act fast.

Human psychology makes us prone to purchase items when we know that they are the last ones, or when a special offer on them will expire soon.

It is advised to add scarcity triggers in the product description, at the top of the product page, near the main CTA buttons.
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The most crucial page on your store is your product page.

If you properly construct your product page, you will see increased revenue.

If you do the opposite, any marketing efforts will fall short of expectations.

That's why you need to concentrate your design work on product page optimization.

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