3. Is there a search field or icon that is clearly visible?

According to baymard.com, 73% of people who shop using eCommerce, do it for convenience.

Therefore, to maximize your conversions, you should maximize convenience for shoppers.

Many shoppers already have an idea of what they are looking for in a store and will be looking to search for it.

This means if you have more than 5 products, it's necessary to have a search field.

The menu link or icon should be clearly visible to the shopper.

If it's an e-commerce store - the search page should only show products, so the potential buyers wouldn't become confused unless a blog and your articles are important as well.
Read detailed explanations on other rules
  • All big ecommerce stores have visible cart icons at the top of all pages. Customers are used to this and will expect your store to have one. It should include an icon that clearly displays the total number of goods in the cart.
  • Your header is only meant to introduce new potential customers and be recognizable and inviting to returning ones. It should mainly contain a short, powerful, and attention-grabbing headline. If you want to show social media icons, you can display them in the footer section.
Your header is the primary navigation for your site.

If it has too much or too little information, it will confuse users and make them leave instead of guiding them through your funnel.

That's why you need to concentrate your design work on header optimization.

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