11. Are elements adequately aligned and spaced apart?

Your header needs to establish a sense of trust, helpfulness, comfort, and credibility.

If your header elements are misaligned or cluttered together, it annihilates all of these impressions.

Your header should be simple and readable, and it shouldn’t scare people away.

In saying this, the conclusion is made that a successful business strategy consists of offering a sense of trust and security towards visitors and (potential) customers. Belgium’s most popular e-commerce businesses achieve this by implementing tactics of the credibility trigger on their websites. Their efforts benefit the overall persuasiveness of the website and provide an essential base, which can possibly be expanded by giving customers a feeling of importance and familiarity (i.e., personalisation and gifting) as Amazon does.
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Your header is the primary navigation for your site.

If it has too much or too little information, it will confuse users and make them leave instead of guiding them through your funnel.

That's why you need to concentrate your design work on header optimization.

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