Email Marketing Secrets

E-commerce stores make 30%+ of their revenue by automating email marketing, it's time you do the same
  • Always use a custom domain email - for support, sales & etc
    Can be or, but it cannot be, since the keyword 'info' in an email can often be flagged as spam by an email server or dismissed by a person thinking it's a bot.
  • Don’t send emails to people without their consent (subscribing)
    Don’t send emails to people without prior consent or getting flagged for spam won't be your biggest problem. Sending marketing emails before a lead subscribes to your mailing list will get you big fines all around the world.
  • Best ESP (Email Marketing Service Provider)
    ActiveCampaign (AC). It's not a myth, it's a conclusion based on our marketing partners (like ArnoDigital) that spend millions on ads and our most recent 50+ clients that earn $10.000+ from email marketing.
  • Send abandoned cart recovery emails to increase purchase conversions

    With a CTR (clickthrough rate) of 15.22% and a CR (conversion rate) of 1.33% in 2021 - abandoned cart recovery emails are the most powerful email type you can send. These statistics from Barilliance bring trigger emails to the #1 place as the winning email type for generating the most revenue.

  • Subject line hack (Emails not getting opened?)
    It's because your subject lines are:
    ❌ too long,
    ❌ don't grab the readers' attention,
    ❌ have spammy words.

    Avoid these mistakes and improve your subject lines with this FREE AI tool every pro email marketer uses.
  • Most important email you will ever send
    It's The FIRST Email! The welcome email. They are so important that they result in four times more open rates and five times more clicks. As soon as a new subscriber signs up, sending them an email welcoming them onboard will likely get you 320% more revenue long-term than promotional emails short-term.

    Remember - it's all about the long-term, that's why a customer's LTV (lifetime value) matters the most. It might not make the most sales, but it tells your audience what they can expect to further receive and gives you a chance to better connect with them.
  • Best time to send emails
    Send emails at the receiver’s local time, so basically straight after they subscribe and only change day intervals for further emails.
  • Text vs Image emails
    Text-based emails are generally better to use, than emails with images. Using more than 2 images gives your email a high chance of getting sent to the Promotions tab, most importantly using any images does it, just the more you do, the higher chance. When an email is filtered to the Promotions tab, the open rates drop. So, unless your product/service is heavily based on visuals, I highly recommend you keep your emails text-based for higher open rates.
  • What is ESP Blacklist and why it's super important
    If a domain is identified as a “spammer,” ESP (email service providers) will put it on a blacklist. That’s pretty much as bad as it sounds. Obviously, you’ll notice a big decrease in deliverability. You're probably wondering if you've been blacklisted now. The only way to know that for certain is to test it, for example with Mxtoolbox.

    When you run the test, one of two things is going to happen:
    1) You’ve got a perfect reputation. Well done, champ. Now you can turn it up a notch.
    2) You’ve been blacklisted. Well, crap. Sorry, bud.
    Getting yourself back in the email providers’ or ISP’s good books is not an easy process. It will take some time, but you can reach out to the companies that have blacklisted you to see if you can be removed from their list of bad domains. For example, if you've been blacklisted by SORBS, you can go through the whitelisted process by following these steps.
  • Add an email sign up form above your footer
    Just check what Kylie Jenner did in one of her stores or any other big e-com store and you'll quickly learn that an email form above your footer is the best way to collect emails (leads!). Be sure to place a form on every page except the legal and checkout pages.

    BONUS: Personalize your email form text for different parts of your sales funnel to incentivize newsletter sign-ups. E.g., what Kylie does is promise discounts and product updates on her homepage, and offers a 10% discount on her product page.
  • Use Pop-ups with discounts to collect email subscribers
    How to use pop-ups to make sales instead of killing off conversions:
    a) When a person comes back to your store multiple times and doesn’t make a purchase (>3);
    b) If people aren’t buying your products (low conversions).

    Where to use Pop-ups:
    a) When they open up your store (more relevant to multiple-time visitors who still don’t make a purchase)
    b) When they press add to cart (more relevant to when people don’t buy)
    BONUS: Offer example, “Hey You, welcome! For a limited time only, get 10% off your very first order with us by signing up to our newsletter.”
  • Collect birthdays on your thank-you page
    After a customer has made a purchase create a checkmark asking if they want to receive a present in return for leaving their birthday. Then once the time comes send birthday emails with large discounts to increase buying initiative!
  • Setup Post-Purchase and Win-Back email campaign based on segmented audiences
    • Post-Purchase: First-time buyers, returning customers
    • Win-Back: Customers that haven’t made a purchase over 30 days
  • Setup SMS marketing (especially SMS cart recovery)
    Right now this is the most powerful marketing channel with one of the highest conversion rates.
  • iOS NOW marks most emails as opened, how to do egnagement segmentation
    iOS marks most emails as opened. Track clicks:
    • If clicked, send the next email,
    • If didn't click, resent the email with a new creative.

One of the easiest ways to build community as a small brand:

Send a personal email (text only) to every customer thanking them for their purchase, and about who you are.

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