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Full Access to Audit Your Store
Only for the next 9 clients. Don't miss the discounted price!
What Full Access to Audit Your Store Means
Read Before You Buy To Know What You Will Get
You will be able to read 117 detailed rules with clear explanation of each
Screenshots with good vs. bad examples to help you fix the problem
ACCESS BONUS #1: Avoid disastrous bounce rates from your website by implementing 19 tricks to increase your mobile + desktop speed score instantly
ACCESS BONUS #2: Fix your email marketing post-iOS14 update with these 10 secrets bigger brands are abusing to 2x their revenue
ACCESS BONUS #3: Protect your wallet from "web designers", "gurus" and "experts" with links to additional tools and resources that will help implement some rules and let you quickly build new stores
Presents: I like to make people happy. I ask my clients about their birthday and prepare cool presents.
Only for the next 9 clients. Don't miss the discounted price!
Frequently Asked Questions
How will I get access to detailed rule explanations?
After you complete the payment, you will automatically get an email with your login info to access all the detailed rule explanations and hidden areas of the site.
Where can I read detailed rule explanations?
They will become available right on the website after you login. All rules are divided into 9 categories: homepage, cart page, product page, category page, header, footer, color scheme, +2 new ones for optimizing website speed and efficiently implementing email marketing after the iOS 14 update.
Will I get updates when new content is added or updated?
Of course! All directly sent to your email if you don't unsubscribe.
Do you offer refunds?
Yes, if you are unhappy or completely unsatisfied with the content in Full Access to Audit Your Store, I will gladly return your money within 30 days of purchase.

Refund Policy
Why is this so cheap?
Let me be honest. There are two reasons:

1) More successful e-commerce stores = more work for my agency.

2) I want to provide an affordable solution for e-commerce conversion optimization worldwide, even for those who just started their journey.
Why is this so expensive?
On average, conversion audit costs from €400 to €3000.

The price depends on the complexity of the analysis, the quality of recommendations, and for larger "enterprises" costs go up even more. These 117 rules and all the additional content combines results from conversion audits and consultations from conversion specialists.
Can I share these rules or their explanations on the Internet?
No. You're not allowed to publicly share any of our content, except our chrome extension's exported audits.

Exported audits can only be shared if their content hasn't been manually or automatically modified, but this only applies for non-commercial or competitive use. All other content is only meant for personal use.
Have any questions or suggestions?
Feel free to message me:

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