30. Do you have a cross-sells section? (recommended and related products)

Ecommerce stores can increase AOV by cross-selling and up-selling additional items.

Amazon is the best example- they have up to 9 sections that promote different or complementary products on product pages.

Even though you are not Amazon and don’t have so many SKUs, repeated customers, and tons of data about previous purchases, you can leverage that too.

You can try recommending some related products when a customer adds an item into their cart.

Our yearly conversion tests have shown that customer responses evolve over time. Cross-selling solicitations move customers to a state when the customer prefers the cross-sold product or building up a long-term relationship.

Another great example:

The most crucial page on your store is your product page.

If you properly construct your product page, you will see increased revenue.

If you do the opposite, any marketing efforts will fall short of expectations.

That's why you need to concentrate your design work on product page optimization.