28. Is your product information easy to read and scan?

Font size is not the only thing that impacts product readability. The way how your information is structured also significantly impacts it.

To improve readability, try: decreasing the length of paragraphs by removing repeating information, using less wordy sentences; adding subtitles to emphasize the most important details; making bullet lists to hold the focus of your customer and breaking up the text into easily readable chunks, for example when you are listing features or applications of the product you are selling; adding white space between different sections in order for the text to look not too crowded or chunky; using bold text to highlight important product features that would help sell it.

Additionally, product titles can’t be in all caps, because Facebook product catalogue won’t sync and sometimes Google’s won’t either.

The most crucial page on your store is your product page.

If you properly construct your product page, you will see increased revenue.

If you do the opposite, any marketing efforts will fall short of expectations.

That's why you need to concentrate your design work on product page optimization.